Call of Duty Mobile Task Force 141 Reporting

Call of Duty Mobile Task Force 141 Reporting

About the call of duty Mobile

Today we are talking about your favorite branded game call of duty mobile. Call of duty mobile is a call of duty family’s latest game. It is specially designed for mobile users. Call of duty mobile is a counter game for pubg mobile. It is the world’s first very good graphics and good gaming experience the mobile game. The gameplay of call of duty mobile task force 141 is very smooth and good.

The initial release of call of duty mobile was released on October 1, 2019. The maps, characters, guns, and other stuff are very amazing in this game. call of duty mobile task force 141 is a very good game for battle royal and other games mods like multiplayer etc.

Call of Duty Mobile Task Force 141 Reporting
call of duty task force 141 Reporting

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How To Play call of duty mobile task force 141

The Playing strategy of call of duty mobile is quite simple and smooth. There is a full joystick is given in the controls panel of in the settings. You can customize the gamepad as your own wish. There are a lot of options available in the joystick. There are a lot of buttons available for different movements. You can smoothly move with these options.

There are a lot of guns and characters are available for gameplaying call of duty mobile task force 141 provides you with different capabilities and abilities to encounter your enemies. Every character has his own ability and you can pick your desired ability to play efficiently and smoothly. At last, you will really enjoy this game.

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Battle Modes Of Call of Duty Mobile

There are many modes available in call of duty like:

  • Battle Royal (Isolated, Blackout, Warfare, Alcatraz, Blitz)
  • Multilayer mode (Several Modes and different maps)
  • Ranked Match ( With different amazing and good maps and modes. you’ll really enjoy this Mode).
  • Zombie Mode (a very good and full fear and horror mode, You will really enjoy this mode ).

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call of duty task force 141 Reporting

Something New About call of duty mobile task force 141

I have the new and Latest news about the call of Duty Mobile. Call of Duty Mobile is going to release the Season 2. There are many characters, maps, and guns are available in this season. I am going to tell you about the new releases of this season.

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The Task Force 141 is Back for call of duty mobile, There are many characters and guns are available now:

Name:Call of duty mobile
Developers:TiMi Studio Group, Tencent Games, Infinity Ward
Size:2 GB
Download Links:Android, Ios
Current Season:Season 1 (Season 2 is coming soon)
New Season Release Date:call of duty has not announced the release of new season 2 officialy (But expected to come out on 24th February or end of the February)

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Battle Pass Free Tiers of call of duty mobile task force 141

Now You can eliminate your enemies by using new battle pass scorestreak gun The New Chopper Gunner which is unlocked at tier level 14. You can also enjoy new gun The Jake 12 Shotgun. player can also get new camos, weapon blueprints. You can also get gravity snake and naval mine stickers etc.

These guns have additional qualities to get rid of your enemies. The Jake 12 shotgun is very great gun that was first appears in call of duty modern warfare series. You will enjoy very much using these guns.

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Premium Pass Tiers

The premium pass tier is amazing in this season. You can get all new content available in this pass. In this season there are all task force 141 operators are available. You can get Gaz and Ghost with two very talented members. player should complete your team by unlocking Alex, Hard Wired, and Charly. You should equiped them with new Asm 10,Outlaw Crash Course, Type 25 Bolt Press, Jak-12 – Treecutter. At last this season is going to be very fantastic.

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call of duty task force 141

New Weapons

  • Asm 10
  • Outlaw Crash Course
  • Type 25 Bolt Press
  • Jak-12 – Treecutter

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New Maps in call of duty mobile task force 141


Hardhat is a small map which is very fantastic. It was first appears in call of duty Modern warfare 3. There are many incomplete buildings and pipes in this map. You should track your enemies in the buildings and pipes. It is a close combat map. it is absolutely like shippment map which is most used in call of duty mobile.

Counter Intel Themed Event:

There is a new counter-intel themed event. There are many terrorists that have seized the city and taken the control of the city into their hands. It is now your responsibility to eliminate the terrorists and clean the city. Complete your daily tasks in multiplayer and battle royal and get exclusive rewards.

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New Draws Features

In this season Task Force, 141 offers the players draws featuring a Legendary Operator Skin for Captain Price, a brand new Epic Operator Skin for Nikto, and a very charming new operator. You can get new legendary weapon blueprints for the PP19 Bizon, the Holger 26, the new JAK-12 shotgun, and more. Unlock new Charming and beautiful vehicle skins , and other items that are very good and very necessary to show you a new world of call of duty mobile.

Conclusion of call of duty mobile Task Force 141

In call of duty mobile task force 141 season, you are going to enjoy it very much. Very famous captain price and captain ghost are come back for action. Other operators also available for fighting that are participating in task force 141. At last, we want to say again that call of duty mobile is very great game with great graphics and great gaming experience. You must check it out. Must stay tuned for new game Mods and new promo/coupon codes.

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